01. The students voted by a large [margin] to do an essay as homework rather than have a writing exam.
02. Make sure you don't write in the [margins] of your paper because I will write my comments there.
03. The [margin] of error in the latest public opinion poll is said to be plus or minus 3 percent.
04. The Democrats won the last election in our state by only a small [margin].
05. The [margins] in this book of poetry are extremely wide.
06. Companies which conduct political polls claim their [margins] for error are quite small.
07. Theresa was only [marginally] successful at selling real estate.
08. The Nile is the world's longest river by a large [margin] over the world's number two longest, the Amazon.
09. She lives a very [marginal] existence on the streets of the city, begging for food, and sleeping in bus shelters.
10. Among the elderly, women outnumber men by a substantial [margin].
11. They were only [marginally] successful in their first few years, but nowadays business is really booming.
12. Many of the people leading today's anti-sweatshop movement are longtime advocates of the Third World's poor and [marginalized].
13. George Santayana once said that there are books in which the footnotes or comments scrawled by some reader's hand in the [margin] are more interesting than the text.
14. The Gypsy people have long been [marginalized] throughout Europe.
15. A 1995 vote in Ireland resulted in a [margin] of less than 1% in favor of changing the country's ban on divorce.
16. Farming has always been [marginal] to the economy of Kuwait, due to its hot, dry desert climate.
17. Homeless people may be pushed to the [margins] of society, but they do not disappear.
18. Galileo's discoveries [marginalized] our earth by reducing it to simply one of many planets in a universe filled with other suns.
19. In many developing countries, girls are [marginalized] and disadvantaged, and are denied access to a quality education.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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